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Fall is the most beautiful time of year. The leaves turn vibrant colors, and the autumnal air offers crisp freshness that livens you up in the morning. Best of all, autumn at Buck Hollow Ranch means hunting season.

Nobody forgets their first time hunting. It is a primal thing that defines us as humans, and one of the most profound and exhilarating ways a person can commune with nature. Hunting offers great fun for a group of friends, or a life-changing day of bonding between parents and their older children. Whether you are a novice, or a seasoned and expert huntsmen, the hunting preserve at Buck Hollow Ranch will give you the hunting experience you have always dreamed of.

When guests come in the fall, they will hear the proud and majestic bugle of our free-roaming bull elk, perhaps a common sound in the autumns of the Rocky Mountains, but in Pocahontas, AR, that sound can only be heard at Buck Hollow Ranch.

Each hunt is guided and custom-designed specifically to be the hunt you desire. Their trophy qualifications set the bar high. While the ranch manager, Keith, will do everything in his power to ensure your hunt is everything you hope it to be, even he cannot entirely guarantee that that will mean coming back with a trophy. This is because Buck Hollow has always taken pride in the fact that its hunting is fair chase only.

The spectacular bull elk are in full rut in mid-September, and the buck deer are in full rut by late October. In the spring, mature wild turkeys are open for hunting. No matter what your game of choice, there is a season for you. If you live near Pocahontas, AR and want a truly wild and unspoiled preserve on which to hunt, drop by Buck Hollow Ranch this winter.