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For young and old alike, there is no sport quite like fishing. The excursion offers a balance of everything. It offers excitement and challenge, but also relaxation and a perfect chance to quietly admire the profound beauty of nature. Fishing allows people the opportunity to slow down, stop racing through life, and really appreciate what they have around them. A good fishing trip can be one of the greatest bonding experiences for either friends or family.

At Buck Hollow Ranch, they offer bass and bream fishing excursions on the clear and beautiful waters of Misty Lake. They have a johnboat and electric motor that will take you out on the calm water for a fun and relaxing time. Skip the rowing and save your strength for that fourteen pound bass you are about to wrestle in.

The lake offers visitors the largest and most elegant trophy bass they are likely to find anywhere near Pocahontas, AR. These gigantic trophies are exclusively catch-and-release, though if guests get a picture taken of the catch and have its measurements noted, a beautiful and life-like replica will be made by the extraordinary talents at Possum Trot Taxidermy.

Guests are encouraged to keep all the bream and eating bass they can possibly catch, and enjoy it at the dinner table. Our comfortable, fully-appointed kitchens are ready to help you prepare the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest dinner from what you caught yourself.

You will make memories that will last a lifetime when you teach your sons and grandsons to fish on the pristine waters of Misty Lake. Spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest at Buck Hollow Ranch this summer.