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At Buck Hollow Ranch, the most important thing has always been the preservation and appreciation of the unbelievable beauty that nature has to offer. When Tom Baker first came to Pocahontas, AR, he was immediately moved very deeply by the staggering, humbling beauty of the great state of Arkansas.

Glorious landscapes of awe-inspiring natural beauty may not be the first things most people think of when they think of Arkansas, but the folks at Buck Hollow Ranch would like to change that with their guided eco tours. Ecotourism builds appreciation for the world we live in and allows people to see the wonders of nature up close, while providing the funds to protect it.

In the spring, the plum, redbud, and dogwood trees explode into flower, timber buds begin to green, and the entire Ozarks explode into glorious sights and smells. On the guided eco tours, guests will be able to observe the unparalleled variety of nesting birds that make this region their home, such as hummingbirds, indigo buntings, towhees, mocking birds, blue jays, gold finch, cardinals and many more.

Summer brings with it a mesmerizing deep green stretching across the ridges. This is the time of birth and growth. Elk and deer begin giving birth to their calves and fawns, and turkey hens can be seen waddling about with their broods. Guests who take the eco tours may get a chance to witness the growth of the bull elk and buck deer antlers, one of the fastest occurring and most stunning events in the animal kingdom.

Whether you are interested in birding or just the peace, quiet, and clean air of unspoiled woodland, Buck Hollow Ranch has something for you. Reserve a weekend for the perfect retreat with one of our Eco Tours today.