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Buck Hollow Ranch was developed by Florida native Tom Baker in 1994. He has spent a great deal of time and money passionately building up the 2600 acres just outside of Pocahontas, AR to be as beautiful and conducive to the natural environment as possible. Nature and wildlife are his passions. With the help of ranch manager Keith Futrell, he has created the perfect habitat for all kinds of wildlife.

The ranch ridges include the Eleven Point and Fourche river valleys. These glorious vistas offer a view that is exceptional in any season or time of day. The guest cabins at Buck Hollow Ranch offer all the comforts of home. They come fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen facilities, HVAC, sleeping accommodations, and even satellite TV.

Tom Baker shares your hobbies: hunting, fishing, birding, and just plain doing things right. He respects nature and knows we are all a part of it, and that is why he takes such good care of the plants and animals on his property. The folks at Buck Hollow Ranch want you to know “We offer fair chase hunting!” Tom loves what Arkansas has to offer. See what he has been up to at Buck Hollow Ranch in Pocahontas, AR today.

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