We offer fair chase hunting!

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Tom Baker takes quality care of the animals, fish, and plants on his 2,600-acre Arkansas property.

Welcome to Buck Hollow Ranch

The folks at Buck Hollow Ranch in Pocahontas, AR, have a profound love and respect for the elegance and beauty of nature. They strive to maintain the natural majesty of the Arkansas country and its noble wildlife, and they want to share it with their guests.

They have guided eco tours to display the grand richness of the land and relaxing fishing that makes a great outing for expert fisherman and families alike. What they are most famous for is their spectacular fair chase hunting, which is unlike anything else in Arkansas.

Buck Hollow is a 2,600-acre Commercial Wildlife Hunting Resort licensed by the AG&FC. The ranch habitat is specially designed to meld topography, soil type, and historic usage to create a totally unique and optimal wildlife viewing experience as well as an animal sanctuary. It is located on the eastern escarpment of the Ozark Plateau, and is made up of five creek bottoms, ranging among gorgeously timbered ridges. It is the same wild and sublime country our forefathers gazed on in wonder.

Apart from the glorious countryside, the pride of Buck Hollow Ranch is in their hunts. They have whitetail deer over one-hundred-and-fifty pounds, full adult turkeys, and, most impressively, a herd of free-ranging elk. They are proud to say they are self-sustaining, and “We offer fair chase hunting!”

All their animals are given the space and freedom to grow completely unencumbered. This is not some assembly-line commercial ranch, where reigned-in, malnourished animals are paraded right in front of guests. All their hunts are humane and exclusively fair chase only, so every hunter can take nothing but the utmost pride in his or her trophy. Explore the unspoiled majesty of nature at Buck Hollow Ranch.